Melting Pot o Ajiaco

An Habanera by birth, Cuban by conviction, hopelessly Caribbean. Swiss, Italian, and Spanish by heritage. American by choice.

Very happy, and way too prone to nostalgia. An obsessive reader and a slave to writing.

Very persevering, hard-working, outspoken, disobedient, creative, given to transgressions, generous, very loyal, and extremely mischievous.

I have many defects, but I will not point them out. There is no shortage of volunteers for that.

As far as virtues are concerned, I think the only one worth mentioning is the fact that I can conquer my own fear of giving my all, even at the risk of losing myself.

I don’t have many prejudices left. I don’t believe I have or acknowledge any taboos, and I firmly believe we should strive to be happy, if for no other reason than to keep from ruining everyone else’s lives.

I enjoy almost everything I do and I truly do believe in love over everything else.